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Enhance the Credibility and Attraction of your Web Site with a professional Web Stars™ profile that captures the essence of you and your business.

, an award-winning journalist and author, specializes in Essential Profiles that capture the essence of each of the thousands of people she has interviewed for newspapers and magazines locally and nationally. From successful CEOs and entrepreneurs to aviators, artists, inventors and authors, her profiles elicit the heart and soul of her interviewees and their work. Celebrity interviews include: Clint Eastwood, Betty White, Jay Leno, Reggie Jackson, Kevin Costner, Ted Danson, Jim Tunney, Suzanne Somers, Joan Fontaine, Glen Campbell and more.

“Susan Cantrell knocks my socks off. Nobody profiles people like she does.”
- Robert Fried, best-selling author and Fortune 500 marketing strategist

“Boy! You really know how to interview somebody and come up with the essence of their life.”
- Joe Tacker, 8-time Westminster Dog Show judge

“Susan Cantrell heads the list for the unique ability to interview . . .”
- Larry Wilde, comedian/author, “America’s best selling humorist” – The New York Times

“Wow! So many have tried and missed, including the art critic for the LA Times and the Dallas Morning News. You got her! You got her! What a joy!”
- Pope Coleman on Constance Coleman, internationally-acclaimed animal portrait artist.

“Susan is inspiration on steroids”
- Brian Gingerich, CEO and president of Monterey Mattress Co.

Also, see her book “StarWords: Inspirational Conversations with Extraordinary Monterey Peninsulans
Forwarded by Clint Eastwood


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