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Clint Eastwood, a Star for the Ages
“Back in the ‘50s, when I was going to L.A. City College on the GI bill, I studied acting in the evenings. I told dad and he said, “That’s all dream world stuff.”

Dina Ruiz Eastwood, anchors legend/stays candid
“At the end of last year, I got wind of the fact that I’d become a stress machine.”

Betty White, camera, action, animals!
“I’m the luckiest old broad on two feet!”

Lamont Johnson, radio voice of Tarzan
“My life is a constant roller coaster. There are hot, lively spells and valleys. But I have no idea to slow down.”

Lucille Huntington, Toni twin still kicking up heels
“I used to pick up coal off the tracks that fell off coal cars. That’s how we kept warm in winter.”

Phyllis Coates, Superman’s main squeeze
“. . . My God! It's a whole new game today. Who wants to live in Hollywood?”

Mickey Kapp, sent music to the moon
“Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Glenn Close, etc., they’ve all been rejected many times. You have to be a certain kind of person, to want it badly enough to take the heat.”

Linda Page, vitamin guru cheers to your health
“Commitment, knowing when something is right and not wavering. That’s what near death did for me.”

Chuck Davis, dives with the Cousteaus
“There’s something about knowing the wild things are out there that makes me sleep better.”

Mariano Martinez, brought margarita machine to masses
“I take dreams and manifest them.”

Kip Evans, dives in a yellow submarine
“I’ve seen in my personality the ability to not take no for an answer.”

David Powell, swimming with the sharks
“My part has been I’ve always followed my dream to re-create what I saw as a diver.”

Scot Macbeth, no mountain too high for climber
“Mountaineers are gentle people - not bully people.”

Professor Sasi Velupillai, palmist to the stars
“There are no victims in this world, there are only volunteers. My father taught me that peace comes not from an absence of conflicts in life, but from your ability to cope with them.”

April May, star-struck astrologer/palmist
“I read somewhere that 80 percent of Americans have had paranormal experiences and they don’t talk about it because it frightens them.”

Swami Sally Kempton, journalist to meditation guru
“The average mind is like an untrained puppy.”

Rob Robb, psychic of the universe
“It’s the violet’s job to inspire . . . . I want to help people quit doubting themselves and to be who they really are.”

Alan Silvestri, composer brushed by Oscar gold
“You kind of get beaten down so many times in entertainment. It’s the Joe Palooka doll that you stomp on and it just keeps coming back up.”

Ron Dias, artist makes Disney dreams come true
“I never wanted a pony or to become a fire chief, etc. At 6, I saw ‘Snow White’ and it turned me on like water.”

Jules Hart, super model before/behind camera
“. . . how do oppressed people empower themselves in a system that devalues them so utterly and completely?”

Lee Caplin, least dysfunctional Hollywood producer
“I think for parents, raising a child is our most creative endeavor.”

Bill Minor, major contributor to the arts
“I’ve known moments of great peace and great angst. I have an infinite capacity for enjoying the world around me.”

Bill Ramsey, from Dust Bowl to agricultural icon
“People say the harder you work the luckier you become. I feel so lucky it’s almost scary. But I never lose sight of where I came from and who I am.”

Leon Panetta, was our man in Washington
“I’d like to get Steven Spielberg to come out and do one (of my lecture series) with Clint Eastwood to talk about what it’s like making movies today.”

Peter Burwash, tennis mogul
“Humility doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself. It means thinking of yourself less.”

Tina Flaherty, trailblazer CEO
“Sometimes, people have the wrong impression of corporate women . . . I’m not tough. I’m definite. I’m strong. But I’m not ruthless.”

John Pisto, Cookin’ Pisto Style
“Hit ‘em straight on. Let ‘em come. I’ll deal with ‘em. This job, owning four restaurants, you end up putting out fires and becoming a problem solver.”

John Teets, CEO of Greyhounds and such
“I say, tell the truth, no matter how badly it hurts, and it’s always going to take you further.”

Charles Chrietzberg Jr., most creative banker
“Most people don’t understand that bankers are real people. They put their pants on and shoes on one at a time like
most people . . .”

Clara Yu, celebrated Monterey Institute of International Studies president and poet
“You learn that you can always start from scratch and you know you can make it. That’s very liberating. We always had family to rely on.”

Iris Dart, combing “Beaches”
“(Friendship) requires enormous honesty, a great sense of humor and a lot of compassion.”

Jane Smiley, Pulitzer prize-winner horsin’ around
“I like good reviews and sometimes seem a little stung by bad ones. But you’ve got to take it as it comes.”

Judy Tatelbaum, counsels good grief
“I believe the painful experiences in life are the ones that grow us and give us the compassion, strength and courage to go on.”

Bobby Fried, from Fortune 500 consultant to skyrocketing book sales
“I’ll tell you what unhappiness is - it’s not knowing what you want and then killing yourself to get it.”

Andrea Brown, agent who stands by her writers
“Choose your agent carefully. Once you have a book sold you may deal with them the rest of your life.”

Reggie Jackson, baseball hall-of-famer
When I was a young kid, heat in the house made me happy; running hot water; going to the bathroom inside; eating food from the store, not out of brown bags; having my oldest sis taking me to Sears and buying me a couple underwears and pants to go to college at Arizona State . . .”

Jim Tunney, beloved NFL referee
“I’m selling the belief that you can overcome adversity, and you can be better than you are today, and you have a responsibility to help your fellow human being.”

Jim Mather, Guinness Book arrow catcher
“One of the qualities of a good martial artist is a certain amount of humility. Underneath it all I’m just Jim. Nobody in the world is better or worse.”

Bill Morris, sit-ups champ
“I say there are only three types of people in the world: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who say, ‘What happened?’”

Fred Shoemaker, golf guru
“Most golf is about failure. Even at the professional level, the ball usually goes where they don’t want it . . . The thing to ask yourself is, ‘In the midst of this failing, can I have grace?’”

Donna Womble, sailing through the glass ceiling
“I don’t sail for the trophy, it’s for the accomplishment

Peter Funt, and his Candid Camera
“The key to humor isn’t just to appreciate and laugh at a good joke. That’s rather easy. It’s to recognize humor in everyday life.”

Alex Anderson, animates Rocky and Bullwinkle
“I’ve never worked a day in my life . . .”

Gus Arriola, making cartoon magic
“It’s (creating comic strip) kind of magic. You have to woo it. It’s contemplation, reflection, a form of prayer.”

Bill Bates, Carmel’s in-house cartoonist
“I can say what I want as long as I don’t offend anybody. In my cartoons I try to laugh with people, and not at them.”

Larry Wilde, stands and delivers
“There are times in the career of every comedian that you bomb.”

Sean Tucker, blazing a trail in aerobatics
“It blows me away how short life is. Our lives are all on the edge, but I’m in touch with it more often. You learn how very precious tomorrow is.”

Warren Wood, flying with angels
“Whatever you set out to do, it’s gonna take twice as long and consume twice as much money as you thought it was. Every entrepreneur should have that branded on their forehead.”

Joe Klaas, WWII decorated fighter pilot puts kids first
“While I was in prison camp, I was with the most courageous men who ever lived. There were no cowards.”

Al McDaniel, Howard Hughes’s right hand man
“He (Howard Hughes) loved milk and chicken salad sandwiches.”

Balestreri/Cutino, four-star restaurateurs/owners of Cannery Row
“I considered myself the black sheep of the family, washing dishes . . . My mother worked in the canneries and my father
fished.” - Cutino

Riane Eisler/David Loye, partnership writing
“Around mid age, (there’s the) gradual bugging out on the whole macho game as you get some sense.” – Loye
“We’re in a period of backlash. Feminism is, today, the ‘F’ word . . .”- Eisler

Lydia and Evgeny: Two Baranovs, one canvas
“Some people bring up children jointly. It’s the same idea. Our paintings are our children to us.” – Evgeny

Louis Lebherz/Gaila Cottrell, operatic couple in concert
“I fall in love with people a hundred times a day.” – Lebherz

Al & Rita Shugart, floppy disc king/designing artist
“You have to like who and what you are in life as nobody else is going to make you happy.” -Rita Shugart

Morley Brown/Ron Weitzman, perfecting philanthropy
“I have no reason to be a snob. I am a nothingburger.” – Morley Brown

Hank Ketcham, fathered Dennis the Menace
“If a day goes by without me creating something, I feel very unfulfilled, whether it’s writing, taking pictures, etc. As for cartoons, they bring instant smiles from friends.”

Eldon Dedini, created Playboy’s satyrs
“If there’s a lack of I.Q., I make up for it with tenacity.”

Butch Voris, founded Blue Angels
“You’ve got to be an egotist – to believe you’re immortal – to be a fighter pilot.”



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