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Iím Susan and I am Techno Challenged

Swear to god, two more clicks and my new i-Phone will be able to do my laundry and cook dinner.

Donít think I know how to use it, though. No way. But Iím slowly learning. In fact, I jumped like Iíd been shot when the thing started talking to me one day. I had inadvertently pressed ďvoice controlĒ and the thing asked me who I wanted to call or e-mail. And then, but Iím not exactly sure, it asked me out. Flirtatious and capricious little hot pink thing (well itís white with a scintillating cover).

All this babble about high tech and low touch, or vice versa, has me reeling. I donít care how many twits twitter and text, smear their faces and lives all over Face Book and broadcast to the world a daily chronology of every boring and gross thing about their lives. People still need to touch in person. To hug or climb a tree. To write a letter long hand on pretty stationery and plaster it with stick-on characters (itís so tactile to rip open a letter, run your fingers over the embossing, smell the paper).

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer doing business so Iím damned sure I donít want to use it to play games. Itís much more fun to play Chutes and Ladders on a board or Scrabble, where players can giggle and punch each other and stand on their heads while they wait for their partner to make his/her next move.

Peter Burwash, CEO of the largest tennis management company in the world, actually declares ďno techno toysĒ days for his employees. The guy is way ahead of the curve, so you canít call him techno impaired. Why, he flies 270,000 miles a year coordinating meetings with Fortune 500 friends (Rupert Murdoch among them) while using every techno device conceivable.

But he knows when enough is enough, goldarnit!

A visionary, the guy sees himself at the bottom of the companyís triangle, with employees at the top. And heís never fired one.

How could this be, you argue? Well, he uses one of the smartest tools in the business basket: mentoring. He and the other staff help the person solve his/her problem and to re-join the family.

Anyway, thatís my rant while I suffer grievously from a laptop that is getting ready to take a dirt nap. Yup, itís injecting things I never asked it to, having extended mental pauses and hot flashes.

Gotta send it back to Toshiba and pray that the surgery is a success.

Meanwhile, Iíll have time to read a good book, write some long letters and take a walk on the beach . . .

P.S. Wonder how people reacted to the invention of the light bulb, horseless carriage or telephone? Most likely: ďKarn Sarn gadgets!!!Ē


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