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Dear Reader,

Sorry this column is so brief and so late. I am engaged in writing the three-hour interview I recently conducted with Lauren Bacall. You heard it right – THE iconic actress who laughingly says she’s only famous in relationship to “Bogie.”

Talk about aging, she still looks like a goddess and is a powerhouse. However, she does have her aches and pains.

More postings next time . . .

More Joys of Aging

My recently widowed 89-year-old friend and pen pal supports my life and sends the bawdiest jokes. She’s been doing this for years, having read my works in the local newspaper. She thinks I’m a star and I let her.

When I go to the post office I find one of her letters among the bills and they never fail to make me grin.

She’s fond of pasting little pictures on them, sparkly hearts, cats, etc. Her words are always encouraging. She’s a one woman cheering squad – “you can do it, go girl, I have faith in you.” And so, naturally, I write her back.

One day I decided to phone her. It was strange. I expected her to be somewhat rowdy. Instead, her quiet reserve reminded me of my straight-laced Bostonian aunt Mickey.

We’ve never met nor tried to. Who wants to blow the perfect relationship?

It’s absolutely true that some liaisons are best kept to cyberspace, telephone, texting and, yes, that ancient practice of putting pen to paper.

At any rate, here is an excerpt from her latest musings:

“In spite of a year of blows to the mind and heart, finances are not a problem. But arthritis is, as it rampages like a tornado through my ancient frame. Old four-letter words and Aleve pills are helpful as I decide “snap!” “crackle!” “pop!” sounds are now anatomy – residents forever more.

So, assuming I’m only as old as I remember: Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’m 16. The rest of the week I’m 26. If this is psyching facts, I have mastered that and will continue to fight the unacceptable with exercise, diet and a swig of humor.”

Whatever tonic this woman is swigging - I want a bottle of it!


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