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Two Minutes to Eternity

Referring back to runaway time, here are some ways to slow it down:

1) Stab yourself. The pain will zap you into the present moment which will drag on endlessly until you find relief.

2) Brush your teeth on a two-minute timer, especially when you’re late for an appointment.

3) Wait for water to boil.

4) Use a plastic eyelash curler and see how long it takes to get good results.

5) Talk to a boring chatterbox and time will know no end.

6) Try to meditate for 10 minutes (be sure to keep peeking at your watch).

7) Get eyeball to eyeball with a bug. This is commendable providing you don’t squash it.

8) Hug someone like you really mean it. Hug ‘em long and hard.

9) Look for a four leaf clover in a fescue patch.

10) Get in line at an air terminal.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. It is, indeed, within your power to slow time down, if only for a nanosecond . . .


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