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The Fortune Cookie

Years ago, I opened a fortune cookie that said “You will receive some great honor.”

Well, it finally came to pass a few days ago after I was engaged to speak at a yearly luncheon meeting of our local chapter of SIR, Sons in Retirement, a national organization.

Of course, I displayed my books for sale during cocktails. It was in one of the swankiest hotels on the Monterey Peninsula: The Inn at Spanish Bay, a place where I used to interview such celebrities as Michael Keaton, Joan Fontaine, Jack Lemmon and Robert Wagner. So, I felt right at home.

This is a men’s club but for Christmas they bring their wives and their plumage was chic, mostly red and very merry.

After a sumptuous luncheon, during which I ate my chocolate mousse first because life is short, everyone sang “Jingle Bells.”

I was feeling jovial and although I’d been told most of the celebrants were in their 70-90s, they had energy times 100. These seniors were WITH IT!

Then, a man of the cloth came to the podium and started talking about the remarkable women who have contributed to society. I think Golda Meir was among them. At any rate, just about the time I was falling in love with this man, he finished with something like this (I was so flattered and embarrassed I don’t know exactly what he said, but I’ll paraphrase), “And Susan Cantrell, who has interviewed celebrities such as Glen Campbell, Clint Eastwood, yada, yada, etc. is our guest speaker.” Thunderous applause.

After shrinking up to the microphone, I got out my notes and gave a 20 minute inspirational speech on mostly the older celebrities in my new book StarWords. I wanted to get across the message that it is NEVER too late to pursue your passions, since the people I shared about were in their 70s and 80s.

Well, there was thunderous applause as I exited the stage, and as I walked back to the sales booth several seniors told me I’d done an excellent job. I was clear, had good enunciation, and a good message.

I only sold 10 books, but I left the soiree levitating. And, honest to Santa, I truly felt that my fortune cookie prediction had come true.

Mostly, I got the reinforcement I need to continue giving speaking engagements about hope, inspiration and following one’s dreams . . .

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!



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