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Dog Daze in Carmel

Carmel Bay is a great plate glazed every hue of blue from sapphire to indigo and teal. A kaleidoscope of striped umbrellas pierces the virginal sands, rivaled only by patriotic kites flapping overhead.

It’s Memorial Day and I haven’t seen so many dogs in one place since I attended the Del Monte Kennel Club’s exhibition at Pebble Beach 20 years ago.

Things can get a bit dicey when a cadre of canines convenes. As I descend the beach trail I rubberneck (walk straight through, in fact) a gathering of officials, a fire truck, an ambulance and a cop car.

“What’s the cur-fuffle?” I ask an onlooker.
“Seems there was a dog on a leash and another one off leash and the one on leash attacked the one off leash and sent it to the vets,” says this unshaven teen in rumpled trousers.
“Figures,” I answer.

I make no amends to dog-lovers. I have a bias. There are good dogs and there are bad dogs. And while I coo over and pet the good ones, I have been badly bitten and bruised by the bad ones. In fact, even sent to emergency rooms to be stitched up from bites.

Heck, maybe it’s a matter of good dog owners and bad ones. And heredity. And post traumatic stress (which I have as a result of being bitten and badly bruised). But dogs can and do kill and maim and so I have a very healthy respect for their incisors.

But I digress . . .

It is a brilliant day. There is celebration in the air, burgers on the barbi, and families revel in their extended weekend. And I can appreciate the joyful barks of freedom from Corgis to a pair of Irish Setters – their tails red flags as they dash along the tide.

I think of lost souls, new spangled stars in the heavens, and end the day paying homage to a dying sun that bleeds its benediction over humans and canines.

And keep my pepper spray in my pocket, just in case . . .



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